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Time and Time Again

By: Douglas Wiese


About the Book
“This author does not accept, at face value, controversial subjects, but searches out facts and personal experiences to form opinions.

Do I believe there is intelligent life on other planets? I have no reason not to believe there is, but I have not experienced personal encounters. Do I believe in life existence after physical death? Most assuredly I do. I experienced such and am not alone in such and experience.

Some go on the word “hope”. Hope leaves some form of doubt, so I prefer fact. Do I believe in lost advanced technology societies? Well, there is the story in the Bible of Noah’s ark. Some say that story would be totally impossible, but when you examine biblical, archaeological, and scientific facts, it ties together in a neat totally believable story. What should our response be when we see our world leaning stronger into a destructive, careless attitude? What should our response be? Can we as individuals make a difference?

A water bucket is filled with thousands of little droplets working together to form the whole.

Do you believe that I’m an actual survivor? Immaterial!

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