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Twice Broke But Never Broken

By: Richard L. Freitag


About the Book
My name has been added to the roster of a very exclusive club. This club’s roster
has names in it that may very well surprise you. The club’s membership includes
some very prominent individuals of great wealth and lofty social stature, as well as
some individuals of great historic and/or heroic significance.
Allow me to be a “name dropper” of a few my fellow club members.
Have you ever heard any of the following names? For instance; Thomas Jefferson,
Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Harry S Truman. R.H. Macy, Henry Ford,
Walt Disney or Charles Goodyear just to name a few? Any of these names “ring
a bell”? All of these guys are on the club’s roster as well as so many others you
would instantly recognize. And just think, I’m a member in good standing of this
exclusive club too.

So, what exclusive club is this and
how could I become a member of
this club you ask? What exactly
are the requirements to become
eligible to belong to a club like this
with such an impressive roster?
All you need to do to belong to
this club made up of such famous
and distinguished members – to
enter your name on this exclusive,
prestigious roster is;
Are these guys a bunch of losers?
If so, I’m in excellent company!

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