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Vastly Discordant Remunerations

Case for a Modestly Higher Progressive Taxation

By: A.G. Alias


About the Book
“This essay is a summary of a book with the same theme and title I have been trying to write since 2012. I couldn’t finish it to my satisfaction. I then felt I might never finish it. And I suspended my book project to focus on this lengthy summary. There may be some lacunae in this summary, as in the book version. And my scholarship in economics is admittedly weak. Despite that, I believe a majority among the readers who take the time to read this would agree with my basic arguments.

As embedded in the title, the remunerations that each of us gets have very little correlation to what we are worth, or to our skill and effort. Therefore, moderate tax-hikes on the top 0.1% incomes to about 50% to spend on various public service and social safety-net programs are substantially beneficial to any society. The misery of the least among us must be alleviated.”

About the Author
I am a retired Indian American psychiatrist who arrived in America in 1971. I have some fourteen, mostly single-author publications to my credit, including a short one in The Lancet – “Androgen-Dysgenesis: A Predisposing Factor in Schizophrenia?” (1972), which is more relevant now with the discovery of neuroactive sex-steroids in different brain areas than in the 1970s, when some complex combination of hyper as well as hypoactivity in the dopamine system in critical brain sites was seen as the determinant of schizophrenic psychopathology.

I would greatly appreciate it if the readers would point out, with or without their suggestions, the “errors” and/or disagreements they encounter with this.

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