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What’s Behind the Words?

By: Ron Lemco


About the Book
So, you are looking at the back cover. I thank you for that. It is the first step for me selling you a book.

I have my work cut out for me as I am an unknown writer who has published 3 novels and a book, and other than selling friends and family, and about 500 people I do not know, I have not been very successful. I am told by people who read my books that they enjoy what they have read.

What’s Behind the Words is a novel mixed with my life stories and poems that coincide with the story just told. Here is a synopsis of what the book is about.

Born in the Bronx on August 16, 1948, the book fast forwards to 1957. I had no clue that a world outside of the Bronx existed. I had yet to see a live cow, I had never been anywhere other than Orchard beach with my three brothers and mom and dad. I see my years in the Bronx as fun years, and I write of the humor as my eyes display my growing up. But it is my life recorded in 30 journals that the book is about.

Running away from the Bronx at age 12 with a Bronx tough kid attitude and a seventh-grade education, my life as follows is spending 4 years in a traveling carnival and living as a gypsy and learning the lifestyle and the con games that come with the experience. My first wife dies, and I end up raising my 2 year old baby boy.

Married the third of five marriages and living with a girl other than my wife, we rob a bank and get caught and sent to prison for forty years. It turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. I married my fourth wife while I am doing time.

I must end this as a back cover, as it can only be so long. I survive prison with my degree from high school and an AA college degree, and learning the most valuable lesson in life… the value of freedom.

I marry for the fifth time, and 41 years and five kids later, I am writing this most unorganized back cover.

The book is full of humor, learning, poetry of life, and just a fun read. Thanks.

About the Author
Other books written by Ron Lemco:

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